The city of Olomouc, located on the Morava River, is the ecclesiastical metropolis and historical capital city of Moravia. Its inner city is the second-largest reservation of historical monuments in the country, after Prague. Olomouc contains several large squares, the chief of which is adorned with the Holy Trinity Column, built between 1716 and 1754 and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Olomouc also hosts Palacký University, which was founded in 1573 and is the second oldest in the Czech Republic. A couple of kilometres north of Olomouc, the Morava River forms a unique floodplain forest environment. The ecological backbone of this area is the naturally meandering Morava, in floodplain forests branching out and forming a complex system of permanent and temporary river arms, a so-called anastomosing river system.

We are proud to invite all freshwater scientists to participate in the SEFS10 in Olomouc in 2017!