Meeting of European Fresh and Young Researchers (EFYR) at SEFS10

What is EFYR?

Since 2011 the young European freshwater scientists have their own forum within the European Federation of Freshwater Sciences (EFFS) and it is called 'European Fresh and Young Researchers' (EFYR). EFYR aims to be the voice of students in the EFFS, bringing young scientists’ matters to the attention of the senior board of representatives. We aim to create a network of contacts that supports communication and collaboration among junior researchers and that establishes links between young and senior researchers. We organize activities that promote the interactions between junior and senior researchers at the biennial SEFS meetings. We also organize workshops and seminars on topics of general interest, to contribute to the development of young researchers.

Join the EFYR meeting during SEFS10!

We invite all young researchers attending the conference to join the EFYR 2017 meeting. It will take place on Monday 3th July – room Madrid 3+4 at 6:30 p.m.
During the last 4 years Núria Cid and Miguel Cañedo-Argüelles have been serving as representatives of EFYR and it is time now to look for a replacement. The task of the future EFYR representatives will be to coordinate all the above mentioned activities and to serve as a direct connection between the young scientists and the board of representatives of the EFFS. During these years we have really enjoyed chairing EFYR. It has given us the chance to interact closely with a vast network of great people (both professionally and personally), and we have learnt a lot of valuable lessons. We need to acknowledge the strong and constant support that we have received from the senior scientists, especially the EFFS board of representatives and its president Luigi Naselli-Flores (thanks so much!). Thus we encourage you to nominate yourselves for the position. The position is not remunerated, but it will not take much of your time. At present, we have two nominations: Clara Mendoza-Lera and Nabil Majdi (who are already helping us to organize the next SEFS meeting in Olomouc, thanks!). But new nominations will be welcomed during the next EFYR meeting.
We hope to see you in Olomuc!

For more info read our posts at our blog (www.freshwatersciences.net/effs/)