SS11 - Eutrophication controlling

Preventative and curative lake management in controlling eutrophication

Convenors: Miquel Lürling1, Valentini Maliaka2, Guido Waajen3 Affiliation: SIL Working Group on Lake Restoration, 1Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 2Radboud University/Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 3Water Authority Brabantse Delta, The Netherlands
Contact e-mail: miquel.lurling@wur.nl; valentini.maliaka@gmail.com; g.waajen@brabantsedelta.nl

Brief synopsis of the session:
Eutrophication due to high nutrient loading has become the prime water quality issue in inland waters world-wide. Nuisance symptoms of eutrophication, such as massive cyanobacterial blooms, are expected to further increase in the future due to predicted climate change. Hence, there is a strong need for effective interventions that control nuisance cyanobacterial blooms, and the explosive growth of floating plants or submerged plants. In this special session we invite contributions on effective preventative measures, both in-lake as well as in the catchment, as well as on short-term curative interventions that can yield optimal water-quality results. Contributions dealing with whole-lake interventions, innovative approaches and supporting research are welcome.

List of potential contributors to the session:

  • Miquel Lürling – Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Bryan Spears – Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, United Kingdom
  • Guido Waajen – Water Authority Brabantse Delta, The Netherlands
  • Valentini Maliaka – Radboud University/Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Said Yasseri – Limnological Institute Dr Nowak, Germany
  • Tim Epe – Limnological Institute Dr Nowak, Germany
  • Frank van Oosterhout – Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • Maíra Mucci – Wageningen University, The Netherlands