SS15 - Urban streams

Urban streams

Convenors: Tadeusz Fleituch
Affiliation: Institute of Nature Conservation Polish Academy of Sciences, 31-120 Krakow, Al. A. Mickiewicza 33, Poland
Contact e-mail: fleituch@iop.krakow.pl

Brief synopsis of the session:
Aquatic systems present similar symptoms of ecosystem degradation around the world. However, awareness is growing that the mechanisms and severity of the symptoms differ among ecoregions. Climate is a key contributor to these differences. In the session we intend to discuss the direct and indirect pathways by which climate shapes the structure and function of aquatic communities in urban streams and how differences in climate may affect them and how the urban stream syndrome is manifested. Mechanisms linking urbanization with ecological degradation, even when responses are similar, can differ among climate types, biomes, and geographical coordinates etc. Limited research has been done on the role of climate in biotic response to urbanization, especially in European fluvial systems.

List of potential contributors to the session:

  • Tadeusz Fleituch, Jarosław Wierzbicki - How urban syndroms affect organic matter processing in streams
  • Mirela Sertić-Perić et al. - Facing stream food-web changes along multiple gradients of urban stress
  • Tomasz Jurczak et al. - Ecohydrology for regulation of urban stormwater runoff
  • Marko Milisa, Renata Matoničkin-Kepčija et al. - Emulating urban stress: transmission lines stress exerted on aquatic organisms
  • Eugènia Martí et al. - Effects of inputs from WWTP on nutrient cycling in urban streams and microbes involved in these processes