SS16 - Phosphorus exchange

Phosphorus exchange characteristics on the sediment-water-interface – fluxes, processes and mechanisms

Convenors: Gabriele Weigelhofer & Elisabeth Bondar-Kunze
Affiliation: WasserCluster Lunz GmbH, 3032 Lunz am See, Austria
Contact e-mail: gabriele.weigelhofer@wcl.ac.at; elisabeth.bondar@boku.ac.at

Brief synopsis of the session:
Productivity and structure of most aquatic ecosystems depend on the nutrient supply. In most freshwater systems, phosphorus availability limits growth of primary production. In these systems, the sediment-water-interface is a hotspot for several biogeochemical processes including phosphorus retention or release. In this session, we want to focus on the processes occurring at the water-sediment interface and the consequences of the phosphorus cycle for the ecosystem. Specifically, we invite contributions which deal with phosphorus adsorption/desorption, mineralization and biological uptake in aquatic systems as well as with the consequences of global warming and land use changes on these processes.

List of potential contributors to the session:

  • Gabriele Weigelhofer, Austria
  • Elisabeth Bondar-Kunze, Austria
  • Michael Hupfer (and/or colleagues), Germany
  • Björn Grueneberg (and/or colleagues), Germany
  • Juri Kopacek, Jacub Borovec, Czech Republik