SS2 - Functional ecology

From Functional Ecology to Ecosystem Services

Convenors: Llorea Flores, Aitor Larranagaa
Affiliation: French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), University of the Basque Country (U.P.V./E.H.U.)
Contact e-mail: lorea.flores@st-pee.inra.fr; aitor.larranagaa@ehu.eus

Brief synopsis of the session:
Since the Millenium ecosystem assessment came out and the term ecosystem services start becoming popular (year 2000) more and more studies of functional ecology rely on the idea that conserving the integrity of ecosystems (and thus their structure and function) is crucial to maintain ecosystem services. The term ecosystem services has given a useful tool for scientist that makes a bridge between research and management and makes easier to translate the importance of ecological studies into the wellbeing of the society. However until now most of ecological studies related to ecosystem services are based in mapping and modeling target services (e.g. Terrado et al. 2014 Ecol. Indic.; Schröter et al. 2014 Ecol. Indic.), with some exceptions that measure ecosystem functioning together with services (e.g. Sweeney 2004 PNAS; Acuna et al. 2013 JAE). Researchers should direct their efforts into filling the knowledge gap in linking functional ecological alterations to the impairment of the provisioning of ecosystem services.

List of potential contributors to the session:

  • Vicenc Acuna - ICRA Robert Holland - University of Southampton. Jean Marcel Dorioz - French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)
  • Unai Pascoal - Basque Centre for Climatic Change (BC3) Georgina Mace - University College London
  • Stefano Balbi - Basque Centre for Climatic Change (BC3) David Moreno - Basque Centre for Climatic Change (BC3)
  • Christian Mulder - National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM)