SS5 - Water quality in reservoirs

Biogeochemical and Hydrodynamic Controls on Water Quality in Reservoirs

Convenors: Lee Bryant and Danielle Wain1, Prof. Dan McGinnis2
Affiliation: 1University of Bath, 2University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Contact e-mail: L.Bryant@bath.ac.uk

Brief synopsis of the session:
Reservoirs provide critical services in the form of drinking water, ecological habitats, and recreation. These resources, however, are under threat from climate change, algal blooms, heavy metals, and other anthropogenic effects. Controlled management of reservoir systems is being applied globally to manage water quality. However, engineered methods (including oxygenation, aeration, Phoslock, managed wetlands, and others) are often ineffective and water quality is degrading despite these costly interventions. In a changing climate, science-based reservoir management will become key to improving water quality and predicting greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs on a global scale. The focus of this session is on research assessing the current state of reservoir systems and the impacts of managed interventions to improve water quality. We welcome abstracts from a broad range of aquatic science fields, including biogeochemistry, aquatic physics, ecology, engineering, and other relevant areas.

List of potential contributors to the session: