SS8 - DNAqua

DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe

Convenors: Alexander W. Weigand, Florian Leese
Affiliation: EU COST Action CA15219 Consortium
Contact e-mail: florian.leese@uni-due.de; alexander.weigand@uni-due.de

Brief synopsis of the session:
The protection, preservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems and their functions is of global importance. For European states it became legally binding mainly through the EU-Water Framework Directive (WFD). In order to assess the ecological status of a given water body, aquatic biodiversity data are obtained and compared to a reference water body. The goal of DNAqua-Net is to nucleate a group of researchers across disciplines with the task to identify gold-standard genomic tools and novel eco-genomic indices for routine application for biodiversity assessments of European water bodies. Furthermore, DNAqua-Net will provide a platform for training of the next generation of European researchers preparing them for the new technologies. Jointly with water managers, politicians and other stakeholders, the consortium will develop a conceptual framework for the standard application of eco-genomic tools as part of legally binding assessments.

List of potential contributors to the session:

  • Agnès Bouchez
  • Florian Altermatt
  • Jan Pawlowski
  • Torbjørn Ekrem
  • Fedor Ciampor
  • Kat Bruce
  • Patricia Mergen
  • Emre Keskin
  • Kessy Abarenko
  • Ángel Borja
  • Kristian Meissner
  • Gabor Varbiro
  • Maria Kahlert