Workshops information

OPEN WORKSHOP to Promote International Collaboration in Aquatic Mesocosm Sciences – and funding opportunities for Transnational Access to leading EU-research facilities in 2018-2020.

Time and Place of the workshop: 
Tuesday from 18:30 in a congres hotel room Madrid 1 located at the 1st floor

In this workshop we wish to:

  1. Inform about upcoming funding opportunities to work at leading European mesocosm facilities between 2018 and 2020, through the European H2020 AQUACOSM Transnational Access Program, information on the open call is now available at (http://aquacosm.eu). This activity is open for all interested, scientists, students, entrepreneurs etc.) globally. Although the majority of applicants are expected to apply from within the European and associated countries, up to 20 % of the applicants can be residents of any country in the world.

  2. Further develop an international virtual network (http://mesocosm.eu) of all types of aquatic mesocosm facilities, spanning from freshwater river and lakes to brackish estuaries, marine coastal and open ocean. This page is presently being totally reworked within the AQUACOSM project and will shortly be much more functional and updated with many new participants. We further wish to connect this to other networking initiatives on aquatic mesocosms

  3. Provide a forum for all mesocosm facility providers attending the SEFS10 meeting to present and discuss future project ideas and collaborations with potential users at this meeting.

The session is open for all interested participants – no signing up is necessary.
If you wish to present collaboration options or network ideas, please contact us so we can effectively include this in the program!

The aquatic ecosystems interact globally – let’s do the science on the same scale together!

For more questions or about adding points to add to the program please contact:

Stella Berger (berger@igb-berlin.de) – Leading the AQUACOSM Transnational Access coordination, and the mesocosm.eu network.

Jens Nejstgaard (nejstgaard@igb-berlin.de) – Leading the AQUACOSM project


DO NOT MISS THE SPECIAL SESSIONS ON SS10 - Mesocosm experiments (http://www.sefs10.cz/ss10-mesocosm-experiments )
Convened by: Catherine Leigh and Mark E. Ledger