SS12 - Intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams

Science and management of intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams: a European perspective

Convenors: Thibault Datry1, Garbiel Singer2
Affiliation: 1IRSTEA, Lyon (France), 2IGB Berlin (Germany)
Contact e-mail: thibault.datry@irstea.fr, gabriel.singer@igb-berlin.de

Brief synopsis of the session:
A large proportion of the European river network is composed of intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams (IRES). Intensified research of the past decade now sheds new light on the ecohydrology of these systems that have been overlooked by freshwater scientists for too long. IRES contribute substantially to catchment-scale biodiversity and organic matter processin, and they provide important ecosystem services to human societies, such as groundwater recharge. Following the growing interest form the academic sphere, IRES are receiving increased attention from water resource managers, notably within the WFD framework. Building on the development of the recent H2020 COST Action SMIRES, this special session will present the latest research on the eco-hydrology of IRES in the context of climate change and address potential challenges in managing these ecosystems.

List of potential contributors to the session: